La Jeune Fille et les Nuages (1997) is a combination of art and music telling the story of Cinderella.  This short video was directed by Georges Schwizegebel, who was born in Switzerland and who is the co-owner of an animation studio: Studio GDS.

This video was very interesting to us because it wasn’t similar to any other Cinderella version we were used to. Cinderella is in our culture, her story can be told without any dialogue which is incredible. Several people can watch a different movie or hear something in the street about “a lost shoe” or “evil stepsisters” and they’ll directly make the link to Cinderella.

Here is the link for more information about Schwizgebel and several other of his videos:

The following is the link to an interesting blog about this video [given to us by Cassie]:  —> la jeune fille et les nuages

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