Cinderella Inspired Movies

Through the years, there have been several inspired Cinderella movie. Cinderella is more than just a Disney princess, it’s an idea, it’s a theme, it’s a concept. Cinderella can be related to a love story, to a family with mistreated children. Here are many of the different versions, each of these movies are somehow related to the initial idea of what Cinderella is.

La Jeune Fille et les Nuages

La Jeune Fille et les Nuages (1997) is a combination of art and music telling the story of Cinderella.  This short video was directed by Georges Schwizegebel, who was born in Switzerland and who is the co-owner of an animation studio: Studio GDS.

Once Upon a Gruesome Time

Once upon a time, fairy tales, such as Cinderella, were written for adults, not children. In order to create a more memorable message, the older versions combined sex as well as violence. Most people wouldn’t think such beautiful love stories could be so dark and gruesome. Truth is, Disney adapted older tales told by the Grimm brothers. To ensure that kids go home happy after watching a movie instead of being mortified, Disney altered the endings to several fairy tales.

The One We All Know And Love

Growing up, we are all used to the typical Walt Disney version of Cinderella. This adaptation is the one with the evil-step mother who forbids her to go to the Royal Ball and with the jealous stepsisters who want to ruin Cinderella’s life. This Disney movie was directed be Clyde Geronimi and was released on March 4th, 1950.