What does it mean?

As we all know, this story comes from a classic folk tale, it’s about a young woman who lives an unfortunate life but her life ends up changing for the better.  The word “Cinderella” has become a word. By analogy, it comes to mean someone who unexpectedly achieves a greater fortune. It’s a person who overcomes obscurity and neglect and is finally recognised for something greater.


The Begining of a Never Ending Tale

Cinderella is one of the oldest stories and best-known fairy tales. There are between 350 and 1500 versions of this story, which can be found all over the world. Back when there were no published books, no Internet and no writing material, people would tell the legend orally, similar to tribes. Grandmothers used to tell the story to their grandkids, and it became word of mouth. It went down from generation to generation. Several facts were added to the tale which one day led to the typical Cinderella we all know.