As we all know Cinderella is everywhere, including paintings, many famous artists have painted Disney characters and in particular Cinderella. Personally, when I (ashley) was a kid, I had a painting of Cinderella on my wall because she was my all time favorite princess. My dad even painted her whole castle on my wall because of how much I loved her. Little kids look up to these princesses and think of them as the best thing in the world. I remember how my life would revolved around princesses and how I wanted everything to be “princessafied”. My room was pink and was filled Cinderella.

Now, here is Thomas Kinkade, an artists who focuses on painting Disney scenes and here is what he says about cinderella…Be sure to check out his video on the link. It’s nine minutes long but it’s worth the time!

“Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream, fourth piece in my popular Disney Dreams Collection, has given me the chance to push the limits of my ability farther than I ever have. Hundreds of hours of detailing were required to capture a setting magical enough for a princess and her charming prince. On the towering mountain in the distance we see Cinderella’s castle, a vision inspired by the movie. Coming down from the castle road we see Cinderella’s horseman and coach, galloping towards the sleeping village below.


As Cinderella and her prince cross the stone bridge over the lover’s reflecting pool, we pause to enjoy the numerous details that make this scene so inviting. Cinderella’s many friends are here. The whimsical mice with their charming antics can be found dotted around the scene (see how many you can count!). Cinderella’s other tiny helpers, the colorful birds of the kingdom have built a nest in the tree house hidden in the foliage. Flowers glow in abundance, while overhead the stars twinkle radiantly. The entire scene seems aglow with the magical blessing of the Fairy Godmother, who rides atop a splendid rainbow at the top of the painting. The stone statue in the garden at the lower right suggests Cinderella’s years of drudgery, yet the sparkling gown she wears reminds us that dreams really do come true. Lucifer the cat is busy tormenting the playful mice, while the stepmother and stepsisters look upon the sweethearts with amazement and perhaps a hint of joy. The king and his duke, fashioned as weathered chimney pots in my painting, gaze with delight at the goings on. I’ve put tributes to my earlier Disney collection – Snow White, Pinocchio, and even Peter Pan and Tinker Bell can be found by a patient viewer. This is proof positive that for Cinderella’s deepest wishes to come true, she’ll need a little help from her friends!”
– Thomas Kinkade


By: Mike Kupka

by: Rosanne Kaloustian

By: Thomas Kinkade

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