In this section you will see different works of art by different artists, all of which who’ve painted Cinderella stills. There is also a link to a video, which we strongly recommend you check it out because it is worth it.


Cinderella has gone from a charming childhood tale to an endless children’s marketing ploy. Cinderella now has board games, little figurines, toys, cakes and many other creations. If it weren’t for Disney making these toys for kids, they wouldn’t have anyone to sell it too. Another reason why there are so many games out there is because kids are easier to see too because they are so easily corruptible. They’ll see on TV for Christmas an add for a new Cinderella board game and they’ll automatically say “I want that” and since they’re kids, they’ll continue to pester their parents for that toy and eventually get it.

Every little girl wants to be a princess one day or another. Why may you ask? Simple, princesses are pretty, they’re funny, they’re cute, and they market Cinderella for kids. They make it a need for kids to be princesses. When you’re a princess you have all the attention on you, you enjoy pretending that you live in a castle and you like to know that you have everything you’ve ever wanted. You have this incredible power and no one can take it away from you.

Put yourself in the mind of a child and try to remember why you wanted to be a princess and let us know what your reasons were!

Cinderween is here!

Once upon a time, Cinderella was only a simple fairytale. Now, it seems to have its own little universe. Games, books, movies, toys, songs, stickers, key chains, etc. the list never ends.

Seeing as how Halloween is coming up, I felt it would be appropriate to share all the Cinderween type of things that are out solely for October 31st.

For starters, chocolate wrappers now have our princess’ face stamped on it. Masks, wigs, wands, long white gloves are only a few of the items you can find in stores. Furthermore, you know those little pumpkin baskets children go tricker-treating in, they have a princess version, as well as “scary flashlights” with Cinderella on it.

However, what I would like to focus on is all the Halloween costumes adapted for each generation. Whether you are a baby, a toddler, a teen or an adult, there is a costumes right for you.

I guess people dress up as Cinderella because Halloween is the perfect day to “dress up as your favourite character.” Cinderella is a character with pride and respect for herself. I don’t think she would ever wear a trampy dress, therefore, why would people ruin such an elegant costume to look “sluttier?”

The following is a list of pictures from different age groups. Notice how in each picture the woman is wearing less and less clothes! I’m all for little girls wearing a cute dress, but teenage girls wearing a blue mini skirt is not Cinderella.