In June 1982, New York therapist, Colette Dowling wrote a book called The Cinderella Complex: Women’s Hidden Fear of Independence. This book was based on women’s fear of independence and their desire to be taken care by others. It’s been said that this complex becomes more apparent as someone gets older.

The complex was named after the Cinderella fairy tale. The name says it all. The Cinderella Complex is based on the idea that beautiful, strong and graceful women can be strong and independent people. And when the time is right, like Cinderella, a man will swoop in a woman’s life.

Colette Dowling explains that women are sometimes afraid to develop themselves fully because they are scared of ending up alone and unloved. She identifies why women choose to stay in dysfunctional relationships.

This book was a shock all through the country and was a bestseller. It was eventually translated into 23 languages.

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