Cindersports Analogies

Cinderella isn’t only referred to as a movie but also as a sports term. A “Cinderella Season” or a “Cinderella Story” is a phrase used in American and Canadian sports when a team or player advances much further in a tournament than what was anticipated.


The Cinderella Complex

In June 1982, New York therapist, Colette Dowling wrote a book called The Cinderella Complex: Women’s Hidden Fear of Independence. This book was based on women’s fear of independence and their desire to be taken care by others. It’s been said that this complex becomes more apparent as someone gets older….

The Cinderella Effect

Still think that Cinderella is all fun and games? Think again. There’s a certain term called the Cinderella Effect which is used by psychologists to describe stepchildren who are being physically abused, sexually abused, neglected or murdered. The Cinderella Effect basically describes mistreated stepchildren who are at the hands of their stepparents instead of their biological parents.


Cinderella has many different interpretations. Some think it’s only a love story, a movie with a princess while others think it has a deeper meaning with a powerful moral.