When we first started the Cinderella project, it started off as a vanity blog. We picked this topic because it was based on several romantic movies we liked, but as the weeks progressed, more on more information was uncovered about this subject. Cinderella is more than just a Walt Disney movie, it goes way back, several interpretations of the fairytale was given.

Throughout our posts, we covered many interesting facts about Cinderella. For example, there were studies done, one of them called the Cinderella Complex which was loosely based on the fact that women fear being independent and they need to be taken care of by others. There’s also the Cinderella Effect which is a term given to mistreated children in stepfamilies which is related to Cinderella and her evil stepmom.

Furthermore, there are several marketing gimmicks, Halloween costumes, paintings, games, puzzles, etc. It’s all about targeting different age groups, trying to sell as many products as possible. Cinderella is not only a movie, but is known through the world.

There are many aspects to uncover about this Princess. La Jeune Fille et les Nuages is simply another interpretation of Cinderella. It’s a short video without dialogue, but we are so used to the Cinderella concept that we automatically know that this abstract short video refers to Cinderella.

Fantasy Photography and Modern Day Cinderella were pictures taken with my cousin. The concept there was to make everyday women look like “Cinderella’s.” Those pictures were long to take because we tried to get everything right but it was very fun. Whether you are cooking or cleaning or taking the garbage out, our point was that everyone is a Cinderella.

The following link is a mash-up of our blog. From movies to accessories to songs as wells as studies, it gives you a general idea of what Cinderella is.