Cinderella is one of the most well known fairy tales in the world. Therefore, we have decided to explore the different versions of the story as well as expand on the different meanings. Whether Cinderella is a cartoon, a horror or romantic movie, there is always a deeper message and moral.

What does Cinderella communicate to us? Depending on a persons age, gender or generation, does the message change? As the versions evolve, does the meaning change as well? Cinderella is a simple story about relationships between humans as well as animals, it demonstrates the wholesome and the good. It’s about the authority of repressive, self-regarding human culture and jealousy. What does this tale reflect on people and young children? This will be explored further along the semester.

Each version is adapted in different ways. Our blog is divided in several categories. Here is breakdown of what you will find on our blog:

1) Cinderarchives: This category will be filled with pictures. Whether they were taken from the internet of inspired by a photoshoot we had.

2) Cinderesearch: In this section, studies done by professionals on Cinderella will be posted. Throughout our project, we will interview several people. One of our researches will include talking to several people from different age groups, we will ask them what Cinderella means for them. Our goal for this project is to know how the message of Cinderella communicates to us.

3) Cinderexpansion: Cinderella is like a whole other universe. Games, movies, toys, costumes, books, cartoons, etc. have been created based on that tale. This category will explore those.

4) Cinderhistory: This tale is known all over the world. We will cover the history in several countries as well as different cultures.

5) Cindervideos: Movie clips, movie trailors and any other clip we may find interesting will be posted in the chapter of our blog.

All in all, we hope you enjoy our blog. Cinderella is such a simple, straightforward story but has so many hidden meanings and several different versions. What does Cinderella communicate to our society?